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Membership Applications:

Caring-Heart Membership Fee Per Household
Years 5 4 3 2 1
Cost $149 $139 $109 $79 $49

Caring-Heart Air Membership Highlights:
  • Peace of mind and financial protection. CareFlite’s charges are among the lowest in the air medical industry but still substantial. As of January 2019, CareFlite had not raised its air medical prices in five years. CareFlite’s air medical base rate is $23,500. The per mile charge is $235. (Compare this to Air Evac’s charges of $30,880 base and $330 per mile.) An ALS Emergency Transport is typical of 911 calls. CareFlite charges a base rate of $1600 and $30 per mile. BLS is typical of non-emergency transports. CareFlite charges a base rate of $950 and $30 per mile. Bear in mind that these prices do not apply to Medicare, Medicaid and other government programs. Having a Caring-Heart Membership protects your entire household against any balance billing after insurance pays. Those without insurance receive a 50% discount from CareFlite’s standard rates.
  • Membership application effective upon date of on-line or fax submission when paid by credit card. Applications mailed to CareFlite are effective as of the date of postmark. You can also join by calling (877) 339-2273 toll free weekdays 8am ‘til 5pm.
  • There is no limitation upon usage within the Membership period for medically necessary transports provided by helicopter, fixed wing or ground ambulance. CareFlite services available within CareFlite’s air and ground service areas. Outside those areas, the Membership benefit is honored by Air Methods and Halo Flight within their service areas.
    Click here for national service map.
  • Following a Member transport, CareFlite will do everything possible to bill and collect from private or third party insurance on behalf of the Member. Members are required to assist CareFlite when necessary with collections from private or third party insurance or self-funded employer plans. Whatever is paid by insurance is accepted by CareFlite as full and final payment on behalf of the Member.
  • CareFlite’s fixed wing is available for transports originating up to 500 miles from DFW Airport. CareFlite’s fixed wing charges are $16,000 base and $160 per mile, much less expensive that the helicopter. CareFlite will attempt to secure a preauthorization up front on fixed wing flights that are not medically necessary. If a fixed wing flight is denied as not medically necessary and it has been unsuccessfully appealed, then CareFlite will reduce the changes by 50% for Members. Family members that must be hospitalized and/or need rehabilitation or nursing home housing may be kept on the household membership. There is no age limitation on this coverage.
  • Medicaid recipients are not eligible for Membership in accordance with state regulations. The Caring-Heart program is approved by the Texas Department of State Health Services. In all emergencies dial 911.

Questions should be directed to:

Jennifer Barbary
Membership Office Manager
(972) 339-4214