Bell 407 GX Pilot

Primary Function

To bring help and hope to patients and families following a terrible trauma, a sudden medical event, or any medical transport. To be part of the finest EMS team in the United States.

The primary duty of a CareFlite line pilot is to safely transport medical personnel and patients to and from the requested locations in CareFlite’s  aircraft. In the performance of that mission the line pilot assumes responsibility for ensuring that the aircraft is airworthy and that the aircraft is operated in compliance with all FAA regulations and CareFlite policies.

This position requires a personal commitment to CareFlite’s mission and core values and the willingness to demonstrate those core values in all activities performed for CareFlite or while representing CareFlite. The incumbent(s) of this position are active participants in the organization and support the changes necessary for the organization’s survival.

CareFlite Rotor Wing Pilots work 7 on 7 off schedule with competitive pay, with time and a half for workover/overtime.

Knowledge & experience required:

  • Current ATP Rotorcraft required within 6 months of hire. (CareFlite Aircraft can be used for ATP Training/Checkride)
  • Current FAA Class II Medical Certificate
  • 2500 hours helicopter Total Time
  • 500 Turbine flight hours;
  • 200 unaided night-flight hours.

Physical activity required:

  • Holding and lifting (150 pounds)
  • Squatting and kneeling
  • Bending and standing
  • Climbing, walking and running
  • Pushing and twisting
  • Pulling
  • Ability to hear
  • Carrying
  • Ability to see and distinguish colors
  • Cognitive ability to reason, process etc.
  • Ability to communicate verball

Physical/mental skills required:

  • Moderate

Requires knowledge of:

Current aircraft operated by CareFlite (after training)


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