Our Story

CareFlite was established in 1979 and is one of the original air medical transportation services in the United States.

As one of the first air medical transport services in Texas, CareFlite began with one shared helicopter between Methodist Dallas Medical Center and Harris Methodist Fort Worth Hospital, transporting about 20 patients monthly. Today, we operate eight helicopters, one fixed wing, and 80 ambulances across Texas. Between 2013 and 2016, CareFlite replaced its entire helicopter fleet with new Bell 429s and Bell 407GX aircraft at a cost of $45 million.

With a commitment to quality, CareFlite continuously evaluates and replaces fleet assets to remain a trusted source of excellence and realiability. Most recently, CareFlite acquired a Bell 407 GXi. The Bell 407 GXi is a single-engine helicopter capable of operating under instrument flight rules (IFR). IFR allows CareFlite to respond safely and transport patients even when weather conditions are not ideal. 

In 1981, CareFlite began operating a ground ambulance service in Dallas to support the helicopters and provide non-emergency transportation to hospital patients. Over the past five decades, CareFlite has continued to grow to meet the needs of the communities it serves.

Today, CareFlite operates 24/7 with 50 bases spread across Texas. CareFlite’s team is committed to making precious minutes count, whether providing emergency scene responses or inter-facility transports.

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